Information about what to expect when you work with me.

My photography embodies Style, Passion and Class!
Do you find yourself browsing through those high fashion magazines and ever wondered what you would look like as a fashion model or dreamed about your cover on Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour?
"Book your session and be a Supermodel for a day! Step out of your everyday life and experience what it would be like to be a High Fashion Model."
7o2 Photography is seasonally based in Las Vegas, NV and can be booked global for photo sessions. I also photograph Intimate and Couple Photography, Events and Weddings. In collaboration with hair and make up artists, we have hair and makeup packages available! Be a Glamour Girl for a day! We inspire, we create and we produce sexy fashionable and stylish photographs!

These questions are the questions I get asked the most about my shoots.

1. Where do you currently shoot at and where were all of your pictures taken? I shoot out of my studio in Las Vegas,NV. Some of my Photographs were taken on location and some were shot at clients homes. (Besides my travel photography)

2. COST-What does the cost of your packages cover? Set changes, hours of editing,ink, paper, cds and dvds,electricity, batteries, lights, shooting charge, modeling direction.

3. OUTFITS- Do you provide outfits? NO, I do not, on ocassion I have a few back ups I use if a lady didn’t bring anything. I prefer my subjects to all look different and feel like they stand out and they aren’t cookie cutters!!! Also it is expensive to carry different styles and sizes for women.

4. PROPS- Do you have props for the shoots? I do have some, but I keep it minimal, you are more then welcome to bring some if you like. I like to focus more on my subject!

5. LOCATION-Where are you located and do you shoot on location? I am located in Las Vegas,NV. I will give you my address once the shoot is booked and the deposit is made. I do not want a bunch of creeps knowing where I work! As for shooting on location or at your house there is a travel fee if the radius is further than 50 miles.

6. PREPARING FOR SHOOT-What do I do before my appointment that day?

If you are getting a Hair & Makeup package.
HAIR - Please come with dry hair. Please do not let it be more than 2 days dirty otherwise the oil build up might be too hard to style. If you want to bring clip in hair extensions, please make sure they are real hair and not synthetic.
MAKEUP – please come with a clean face, If you have a particular moisturizer you prefer, please feel free to apply it before coming. Yes I do provide lashes. You do not have to bring any makeup of your own unless you prefer certain items to be worn. Do not stress over nail color, but please have them groomed.
OUTFITS- I do not provide outfits. You can bring up to 10 outfits/shoes/accessories with you but we will only shoot in the number of outfits that comes with your package. There is a private changing room available.
PICTURES -Please print out or save a few pictures on your cell phone that you like of mine that will help me gauge what direction to take your photos. Any kind of inspiration photos you find whether it is for hair/mu or poses are always helpful and you can bring them.
PROPS- I have furniture to shoot on and minimal small props, so if you would like to bring some for the photos you are more than welcome to.

7. PAYMENT-What form of payment do you accept? I accept cash only.

8. DEPOSIT- Why do we have to pay for a deposit for our shoots and how much is it? I require a NONREFUNDABLE (NO REFUNDS) deposit because I am holding your date and time specifically for you and if you were to not show up then it will cover the cost of losing a possible appointment. Also when you book my hair/MU girls you are taking them out of their normal schedule also and I have to pay for their time and travel. My deposit is 20% down and is payable through deposit in advance or cash, it is required to be paid the same day you book or I will release your date back for someone else to book. You are allowed to reschedule only once for free after that it will be a $50 fee. I understand things come up, but please let me know ahead of time if possible!!! Your deposit does go towards the shoot. You have 2 months to reschedule or the deposit is lost. If you do not show up your deposit is lost.

9. What if I have never modeled before? I instruct you the whole way through on how to pose, if you have no experience.

10. What is Glamour photography ? It is along the lines of boudoir and modern pinup such as maxim, playboy and beauty shots.

11. TANNING-If you plan on getting a spray tan or fake baking please do not over do it. I suggest doing it at least 5 days before hand so you do not look orange in the photos.

12. Can I bring a friend yes you can only 1 person can come with you to the photo session. You must let me know if you are bringing someone.

13. Can I print additional images from the CD you give me. yes you can.

14. IPOD-You are welcomed to bring CD's and/or Ipod with your favorite selections otherwise i have my ipod playing with a variety of music.

15. COME AND HAVE FUN, the shoot is not meant to be a stressful shoot. I want you to come and relax and just be yourself it will show in the pictures if you are having fun and being you! Remember men don't analyze the pictures like we would. They look at them and love them!

16. How long do the sessions last? The average shoot lasts about 2-4 hours, it all depends on which package is purchased.

17. How many pictures do you take? The average shoot is 350- 600 images.

20.EDITING- Do you retouch the photos? YES I do, there is a certain amount I will edit that is included in your package. If you want additional editing it will cost more. I will make sure your skin looks flawless (meaning no scars, cellulite or stretch marks etc.), Lighting will be adjusted if needed and you can have b&w and color if you request it. For more explanation just ask and I will explain.

21. PRODUCT TURNOVER- How long does it take to get the finished product back? It usually takes up to 2 weeks. You can pay an expedite fee to get them within a few days and the price depends on how many photos need to be edited. I can have another editor help me with your photos.