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Here are some of my favorite images of Morro Bay. They received their own gallery due to this reason. These images were taken with my Iphone 5 and I guess that just proves you don't need an expensive camera to take a great picture.7o2 Photography the Morro Bay images may be licensed and purchased for commercial use, please inquire through the contact page or email.
Birdhousecrashed lavenderA Ray Of SunEl MoroAbalone Beach and Bay at Morro BayA moment in timeThe Abalone Bay of Morro BayA WarningThe BayAbalone Beach at Morro BayThe Bay Abalone Beach at Morro BayOn PathAbalone BayOn ShoreOn ShoreSet SailSet SailStranded Abalone Beach at Morro BaySet Sail Abalone Beach at Morro BayStranded Abalone Beach at Morro Bay

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