Polaroid Fotobar at the LINQ experience

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This is something for EVERYONE! Here is a 20% discount for Polaroid Fotobar at the LINQ.

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In regards to creative favors, I am always on the look out for something exciting, new and fair in price. Having the honor of supporting this affiliate of mine, I am very excited to share this experience here on my blog. Something that everyone, professional or not, might find as interesting as I do.

First off let me tell you about my experience, I was pleasantly surprised when I had the opportunity to actually visit the Las Vegas Polaroid Fotobar at the brand new LINQ off Las Vegas Blvd. The Fotobar Flagship offers a lot of entertainment and innovative photo services. Mainly for photo enthusiast and anyone who wants to turn their digital images into something they can feel and touch. With the charm of the good old Polaroid in mind, there are many ways of exploring the store and the attached museum. In my case I am looking forward to use their service for my service and turn their innovative products into little thank yous and favors.

Turn your photo into art today at Polaroid Fotobar!

Get 20% off at the Polaroid FotobarPolaroid StyleTurn your photo into art today at Polaroid Fotobar!

Check out their website and let me know what you think, even if you are not interested in their service, it is worth checking it out.

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