More than just click, a picture evolution with a little help of #Photoshop

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Most clients only see the work that is done in front of them, not the actual work that is involved in a photo shoot.

There is more than just a click of a button to it and the actual time spent with the subject or model is less than 20%. Here are just some steps and examples of my previous work in relation to this post.

From the pre-production of a photo shoot, which includes;

  • envisioning a project or executing someones vision

  • casting the model or booking through a client

  • Styling, Hair and Make -Up (this includes working with professionals)

  • the set up in the studio or on location, Lighting, Equipment, etc.

  • the photo shoot, posing the subject, directing the shoot 

  • the selection of the right image

  • cleaning and editing the image in the light room 

  • and finally doing the work in Photoshop, graphic design and artwork. 

Picture evolution with Photoshop by Alexandra MonaPicture EvolutionPhotography and art design by Alexandra Mona <br/><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


There are many hours and a lot of work that go into one simple picture, so the actual time spent on the shoot with the subject is the smallest amount of time spent. I am not saying that it bothers me like crazy when some clients get impatient, I always try to explain when a process takes longer and why. This being one of the reasons why I am writing this post I can refer to from now on.

Although technology made it somewhat easier for more people to join this occupation, being a photographer is much more than just pushing a button, not just depending on the results and what they are for. 


The results are stunning and even though the subject is beautiful, enhancing images in the light room (this includes #Photoshop and other applications) even if they are minor, makes a huge difference!

Photoshop Before and After by Alexandra Mona Photography 7o2Before and After with PhotoshopPhotography and Ps by Alexandra Mona <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The Botanical Beauty Experts


So bubbly and full of personality, this photo shoot was inspired by so many influences.


It was a fun session with Model Rayne Drops in Las Vegas, NV.

Going with a colorful theme and a metropolitan / cosmopolitan location.

Here is a before image, absolutely unaltered.

unaltered image by Alexandra Mona 7o2 PhotographyBefore Photoshopunaltered image by Alexandra Mona 7o2 Photography The image is crisp, but dark, minor styling issues are visible and the left side of the picture seems a distraction from the model.

After editing this image, the picture is brighter and lighter, the styling issue on the skirt is fixed and the focus is on the model. After adding minor Make Up touch ups (including eye lashes), some bubbles and bling it pops!

Bubbly a photoshop edit by Alexandra Mona Bubbly after Photoshop alterationsPhotography and retouch by Alexandra Mona

The way that I see it, it is not much different from a woman using makeup, it enhances the natural beauty. Photoshop is everything except the foundation to me.  Sometimes less is more, I agree but sometimes more is fun, I believe that as long as the main subject is not altered in crazy ways, it features the best aspects and even adds a bit of drama.


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