Boudoir and Sensual Photography

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Do you find yourself browsing through those high fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour? 
Do you look at those commercials and images of these beautiful models?
Book your session and be a Supermodel for a day! Step out of your everyday life and experience what it would be like to be a High Fashion Model. Get those pictures of yourself that you day dream about. I understand the issues and insecurities some of us woman have, a little cellulite here, scars and even a bit of cushion here and there. These are easy fixes in the post production process and removable. Pamper yourself or have a session gifted to you! Turn this into an experience that allows you to have fun, excitement and be the woman you are. Sexy, classy and yes sassy! Be empowered by this experience in an all female environment, that will calm your nerves and make you feel comfortable in your own skin!
BoudoirBoudoirphotography by Alexandra Mona

In collaboration with hair and make up artists, we have hair and makeup packages available!

It's time for you to step up and finally get out of your bubble to take pictures that embody your beauty, pictures that will look great in your bedroom and that can be a gift for that special man in your life.

Together, we inspire, we create and we produce sexy fashionable and stylish photographs!

Boudoir Photography by Alexandra MonaStep out of your bubble and get images that represent your beauty!



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