Location hunting ... outdoor location near Las Vegas for photo shoots

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A Fabulous location for photo sessions just outside Las Vegas, Welcome to Nelson!

Outdoor Photography may at times get difficult, yet I have come across a location that many of my fellow local photographer friends will agree with, is the Disneyland for photographers. So when you visit the Las Vegas area and are on the hunt for a quaint location, I suggest you take a trip to Nelson, NV. This location is no secret, yet a gem! Many music videos and movies were filmed here. The Ghost town like property I am referring to is private property, so you need to inquire within. Just South of Boulder City on the 95 South, a bit of a drive but well worth it. When you do take pictures, especially with models, you have to inquire inside the little store which also provides you with important information about the location and the dangers involved when shooting on their property. As in Dangers I am talking about the local inhabitants like snakes and scorpions but for most a dangerous species of cactus. After all, the location is in the desert. This location offers many antique and western style backgrounds, also vintage cars, antique gas pumps, signage and pickup trucks.

On location in Nelson, NV photographed by Alexandra Mona 7o2 Photography

Vintage Gas Pump in Nelson, NV photographed by Alexandra Mona 7o2 PhotographyOld Gas Pump


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