Couple Engagement and Wedding Photography by 7o2 Photography

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Couple and Engagement Photography by 7o2 Photography in Las VegasEngagement Photography Coming in fall 2013, 7o2 Photography will also provide Couple, Engagement and Wedding Photography. We are working on exclusive, creative and affordable packages, to provide you with full service photography for your event needs.

A couple that has never been photographed professionally before, will find that the engagement session is a valuable and important session. Some couples may feel it’s a waste of time or it is not necessary, however there are many valuable reasons why you will benefit from having a session with 7o2 Photography. This is a great way to getting used to the camera, getting to know your photographer and many more.

Establishing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.

The advantage of this is that you can let your photographer know ahead of time if there are shots or angles you do not care for, also you can let your photographer know the things that you do like, communication is key.

If you like to know if that Hair Style and Make Up you are planning to have for your wedding, will work in the pictures, you can test it in the engagement session. This way you get to see how you look in photos and you can let your Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist know if there is anything you would like to be changed.

On the wedding day you will look forward to having your picture taken, instead of dreading the thought of having a camera following you all day.

Once you have your engagement images there are many things you can do with them. Most couples would rather have an engagement image on their wall instead of one in their wedding attire, however some do both. We all have individual tastes so there is no right or wrong.

You can send an engagement picture to friends and family or they can be used in your wedding program / magazine, invitation, or in a save-the-date card. 

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