Rebranding my photography business

October 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

In 2009 when I first started out with professional photography, I figured a Las Vegas related brand would be helpful and suitable to get started.

7o2 Photography was out of my perspective a good brand name and branding to go with. I wanted it to be different and not go with my own name at that time. It was affiliated with the city I lived in, which got me started and to be quite frankly, it did have it's perks.

Throughout the past years, I have noticed that my website address wasn't the best choice though and quite difficult to communicate when it was not on paper. I was happy with my brand and logo for the past 4 years.

As life happens, perspectives and opinions change, we as humans develop and so do companies. And while my personal life is changing, 7o2 Photography's life is changing as well.  I am using this as the perfect timeline and being the main reason, for rebranding my photography business. I am ready to make it more personal, my photography is personal after all. I create images in style with passion and class and want to have a brand that is attached to myself more so rather than a location. I have come to realize that the time has come and change is good! As for now, the website is still running under but I am slowly introducing my new branding. Please feel free to add me on Facebook and stay tuned for more updates.

Photography Logo Alexandra MonaLogo Alexandra Mona Photography


And while the main photography business will run under Alexandra Mona Photography, I am also introducing my logo for Wedding Photography.

Logo Alexandra Mona Wedding PhotographyLogo Alexandra Mona Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography by Alexandra Mona

I know this transition will take quite some time and rebranding your business is not easy. It's almost like reinventing yourself.

I do not regret the past four years and my 7o2 branding, it helped me establish and gain experience, friends, clients and to develop in the industry.

If you are interested in finding out more about branding and rebranding , I came across some great articles and the information I found will hopefully help me steer into the right direction as well.




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